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Creative Consulting & Development Works

We are a research, evaluation and communications consultancy, servicing nonprofits, governments and donors with innovative solutions within the development context.

Clients & Testimonials

“My greatest appreciations for the stellar job done from project inception to completion. It was an absolute pleasure working with all of you on the project and I think the awards were the cherry on the cake.”

“The evaluation was conducted in a professional manner, within agreed timelines. EDCTP was consulted during all phases of the evaluation, received regular updates on the progress of the evaluation and the final deliverable was of high quality and in time. EDCTP wishes to commend CC&DW on the high quality of work.”

“Our department is proud of the current site and believe that Creative Consulting & Development Works is highly recommendable.  It was a privilege to work with Creative Consulting & Development Works.”

“In terms of project planning, it has been very useful. Practical recommendations were given regarding challenges we were facing. We have already begun implementing these changes and can see the difference it makes.”

“This strategy aims to equip parents with tools to create a learning environment at home and assist their children with their schoolwork and ultimately improve the literacy and numeracy levels amongst school going children in the lower levels. It also assists parents to improve their own education levels. Thank you so much for your work and professionalism in this project. Wishing you everything of the best for your future endeavours.”

“The festive lights would not be what it is today without the phenomenal team co-coordinating the entire project. They have really taken it to new levels of creativity, bringing such joy to the people of Cape Town.”

“I found the fundraising and project planning workshop very valuable. It enabled us to get a clear picture of what we have to do and how we can do it. I also appreciate the effort you made to send us useful information; you went way beyond our expectations. We will certainly maintain the relationship that we have developed with Creative Consulting & Development Works.”

“You all did a great job. Your work was so well regarded.”

“Thank you for your support to the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Cape Town while we were going through trying financial difficulties. I especially want to thank you for going beyond your job description in providing emotional support too. Your communication and job delivery programme and deadlines are all very clear and you are dependable. I also appreciate that you thought about the ethics of whether to help or not – that is whether we should rather save the funds and stretch it further instead of paying a consultant. I therefore without any doubt will highly recommend your services.”

“The City of Cape Town Donor Directory has proven to be a valuable resource for non-profit organisations in Cape Town and beyond. Creative Consulting & Development Works assisted in producing a high-quality, comprehensive publication that is still positively impacting the work of numerous development organisations.”

“It was a very comprehensive way of conducting research and analysis, because instead of just getting a point of view from one level, the multi-level layered approach made for a more objective outlook.”

“The project required a facilitator who could sensitively transform the content of our draft toolkit into a publication that was creatively designed, that incorporated significant stakeholder input, and that would be ready for national distribution. Creative Consulting & Development Works provided us with excellent facilitation support on this project: both in terms of technical expertise in being able to manage such a process – in an extremely meticulous and efficient manner – and in the inclusive and participatory style of facilitation that Lindy offered the team.”

“Creative Consulting & Development Works did not only see their role as consultants in a narrow sense, but contributed in a manner that has added value to diverse processes within our organisation.”

“TAU is very grateful to have had such a service provider that is able to deal with the pressure and deliver accordingly. Rarely do I find people who are able to work at the pace required and deliver what is expected.”

“In their planning of the evaluation, we found that the Creative Consulting & Development Works were extremely professional, that they took care to fully understand the breadth and depth of the evaluation study that was required, and that they ensured that the planned fieldwork and data collection would provide the necessary information to address all of the requirements of the evaluation.”

“I contracted Creative Consulting & Development Works because of their good track record in delivering a professional marketing and communication service. The Resource Centre is very unique and Creative Consulting & Development Works has, for the past two years, developed the image and brand very clearly. Creative Consulting & Development Works’ clear understanding of the need for the development of marginalised communities and artists enabled Artscape to make the vision of the Resource Centre for ‘sustainable development of artists’ a reality.”

“As a Department, we could not have anticipated the amount of work that would be required in establishing Cape MIC’s credibility as an entity. The interventions around growth in ensuring that the entity operates efficiently are very important. In the absence of space, adequate resources and a permanent person to oversee the operational aspects, the Department values the support of Creative Consulting & Development Works in this regard.”

“Creative Consulting & Development Works’ manner of communication and project management is participatory and consultative, and their methodology was superior for such a complex system. The analysis of the results was handled well and the interpretation was good.”

“The service received from Creative Consulting & Development Works was professional with a sense for detail. The thoroughness with which proposals and documents were processed was very much appreciated.”

“The Legislatures Support Programme had the pleasure of working with Creative Consulting & Development Works on putting together a Legislative Directory. If we are to embark on similar exercises in the future we will certainly consult with them as they not only bring along, professional expertise but vigour and gusto that make it enjoyable to work together on projects.”

“I found working with Creative Consulting & Development Works on the ‘Stars in their Eyes’ evaluation an extremely positive experience.  They were entirely professional, produced a really useful and insightful report (which we have used very much to the benefit of the project since then) and provided us with exactly what we needed at this stage of the project.”

“I am impressed with the thorough preparation, communication and execution of the appointed tasks. Creative Consulting & Development Works were excellent at keeping deadlines, keeping our team engaged and keeping good house with paperwork. They impressed me with their dedication to excellence.”

“We have been very happy with the work that Creative Consulting & Development Works produces. The team is highly professional and I am impressed with Susannah and her management of research programmes. We will definitely work with Creative Consulting & Development Works in the future.”