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Tata Mandela

6 December 2013


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013

We wish to express our deep sadness for the passing of Tata Mandela, and our heartfelt condolences to Nelson Mandela’s family, both immediate and across the country as a people.

As a person of unwavering integrity in the face of discrimination, Madiba became an international role model for fathers, mothers, students, teachers and political leaders, never giving up on justice and equality. A spiritual force and shining star, Madiba led South Africa through an unprecedented peaceful reconciliation, reshaping the country’s hurtful past into the rainbow nation we know and love. He will forever be our leader and Elder, an inspiration of living a life without hate.

Whether you had the opportunity to meet former President Mandela or not, his passing has become a very personal thing for every South African – and for people around the world. Here, Creative Consulting & Development Works team members take a moment to reflect on what Madiba has meant to each of us.

Our words, thoughts and prayers, to commemorate and honour the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela:

“Dlomo, Madiba, Sopitsho, Ngqolomsila, Yem-yem, Vela bembhentsele – amaThembu (Rholihlahla Mandela) Mtirara, Ngangelizwe, Dalindyebo, Joyi, Jumba, Sabatha, Buyelekhaya (praises him). You have sacrificed 27 years of your life for me to be here today. Had it not been for you, Tata, who knows what I would be doing at this very moment. I thank you for your courage and for fighting for me, you are truly blessed. South Africa is not ready to live without you, Tata. Siyakudinga (we need you). Buyelekhaya (come back home), Tata.”

“A man who sacrificed more than we will ever know. The moral compass of our country and guiding light for what is right, proper and decent. With his passing we lose a large foundation of what makes our country great.”

“Tata Mandela is a man of honour who believes in peace and harmony. He had a vision that we will all live together as one nation, sharing everything we all wish for. Let us now honour his vision.”

“There are no words to describe what Mandela has meant to South Africa. Indeed, without him, we would not be living in the South Africa we know and love today… And so I will always be grateful to this man who could have chosen a very different way of being. Instead he chose peace and all our lives are the better for it. Thank you for your open heart, Madiba, for without it we would be lost.”

“In my lifetime I have had to the opportunity to see Tata uNelson Rholihlahla Mandela twice, the first time in 1999, and the second time at his family home in Qunu on Christmas Eve, 2002. In 1999, I was a small child at the Umtata’s Circus Triangle mall after a devastating storm, and Tata uMandela paid a visit at the mall to view the destruction. He said to me that we as the young children of South Africa have been given the opportunity that our parents never had, and I must not let those opportunities go to waste. He said there is nothing I cannot be, as long as I put my mind to it. Thank you Tata, for instilling this hope in a small child.”

“We acknowledge your personal sacrifices when standing against oppression. We wish to thank you for being our example in teaching us how to forgive, and most of all teaching us how to work together with our oppressors in creating a free and democratic country.”

“I remember growing up in Vosloorus Township in the East Rand, in the 1980s. It was a time of violence and unrest, with the ANC and IFP in full combat. I was so afraid, even though I did not understand what was really going on. In 1993/4, I remember the hope that my community experienced, freedom was finally coming… but I also remember the fear gripping my friend’s parents in Suburbia or “white South Africa”. Rumor had it there would be widespread suffering and civil war once the ANC took over. So what does Mandela mean to me? Looking back, and now that I understand a lot more, Mandela means true leadership; he means forgiveness, and hope. Because of his leadership, South Africa avoided civil war, when all indications said unrest was inevitable. Although there are a few things I would change about South Africa today, I am grateful to Mandela for negotiating a peaceful transition with his fellow comrades and the then apartheid government.”

“Nelson Mandela has shown us all what forgiveness really means and what power it truly holds, on a personal as well as on a national and international level. Viva Madiba.”

“Tata Madiba is our greatest inspiration and our hope for a better future, a fairer, more just and equitable South Africa where we all live together peacefully. He inspired hope in each of us at the true potential and possibility for a better future.  He made us proud of being South African and we love him for what he represents and the ideals, values, goals and principles he stood for, and for his sacrifices. We are so blessed to have a leader of this calibre to call our own. Thank you Tata.”






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