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Take my word

22 May 2018

Recently Creative Consulting & Development Works hosted acclaimed pitch presenter and coach, Louise Mitchell from Take my Word for a Thursdays Together Lunch and Learn.

Louise has specialised in business-to-business communication for more than 30 years and currently holds interactive, engaging workshops on pitching for business, pitching for investment and persuasive presentations.

In addition, Louise coaches individuals for perfection in advance of public speaking events, conferences and sales presentations and lectures on the topic at UCT. She is also a three-time toastmaster winner.

Louise had some fantastic tips and advice  to share :

  • When presenting evaluation findings draw the audience in initially by using punchy introductory statements.
  • The factual information, findings, and recommendations provide the depth and detail and how this is shared is paramount.
  • Highlight and draw attention to key points of emphasis.
  • When bidding for work provide a compelling pitch and demonstrate unique competitive advantages.
  • Skillful preparation methods and continued practice are what lead to a confident delivery and the knowledge that the room and the audience are yours.
  • Small things are important – such as lighting, projection, the number of participants and the PA system – check these details before you even start to prepare for your presentation.
  • Listeners want to hear more from you when you command their attention. Confidence speaks volumes and inspires confidence.
  • Be memorable to your audience.
  • Take care of the unspoken language of presentations.  This includes body language, eye-contact, and thoughtful timing and pausing within a presentation, which all lead to the poise and confidence needed to engage an audience with confidence.
  • Do not rely on the visual slides one is presenting – be prepared to deliver your presentation even if there is a power failure.

It is Take My Word’s mission to encourage communication with clarity, impact, and credibility for all types of speaking opportunities.

Louise’s skill lies in the ability to help a speaker develop unique messages and use them to the speaker’s competitive advantage.

Thank you Louise’s for your  key message of “Be heard, be understood, be remembered.”

For more info on Take My Word visit: or tweet her @takemywordct

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