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2015: The International Year of Evaluation

16 September 2014

2015 was officially declared as the International Year of Evaluation at the Third International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities held in São Paulo, Brazil, 29 September-2 October 2013. The aim of the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) is to strengthen the demand for and use of evaluation to inform public […]

August Edition of HIV this Month

1 September 2014

  HIV this month. Issue no. 8. August 2014 Welcome to UNAIDS Science now and to the 8th issue of HIV this month 2014! In July the Mississippi child was reported found with detectable virus after 27 months of being “in remission”, off-treatment and with undetectable virus.  In this light, […]

Transforming our Society

21 August 2014

South Africa has now been enjoying the fruits of democracy for 20 years. When advocating for a peaceful transition after the fall of apartheid, Nelson Mandela said “…We as a people chose the path of negotiation, compromise and peaceful settlement. Instead of hatred and revenge we chose reconciliation and nation-building”. […]

Planning for Communications in the Proposal Phase and at a Grant Opening

31 July 2014

Communications is a big umbrella, and many NGOs struggle to clarify what all it entails. But this is no reason to abandon ship and downplay the importance of communications. You might tick the below boxes and think you’ve covered “comms and marketing”, but this over-simplification could be the very reason […]

IMPACT MEASUREMENT: Common Myths, Realities and Approaches

11 July 2014

While 86.9% of organisations in South Africa’s development sector consider impact measurement a crucial process, 61.7% recognise that they don’t actually do enough of it.[1] This finding appears to be contradictory; however, it is understandable to a point if we consider that people rarely enjoy being (rigorously) evaluated. We don’t […]

Make Change this Mandela Day and #ExposeRapeCulture

1 July 2014

Creative Consulting & Development Works is supporting Rape Crisis this Mandela Day through the launch of a social media campaign to #ExposeRapeCulture. Join us by dispelling myths about rape, and holding your own Mandela Day event to challenge rape culture.   Make Change this Mandela Day Mandela Day is a […]

June Edition of HIV this Month

30 June 2014

      UNAIDS Science now HIV this month. Issue no. 6. June 2014 [pdf] Welcome to UNAIDS Science now and to the 6th issue of HIV this month 2014! This month, you might be interested in a policy forum article on HIV treatment-as-prevention research at a crossroads by Till […]

Uses for photography and video in nonprofit communications

25 June 2014

Below are some examples of how photographs and video can be used to advance nonprofit communications. Click here to read the first part of this series, “Does your organisation have bland or non-existent visuals? How to change” Examples of target audiences: Institutional Donors How can donors better understand an organisation’s […]

Does your organisation have bland or non-existent visuals? How to change

19 June 2014

More than ever, our world is overrun with visuals that compete for the attention of our audiences – institutional and individual donors, volunteers, partners, beneficiaries. Many non-profits don’t understand the value of visuals, or the right formula to capture powerful images and video that tell the story of an organisation’s […]

Gender-based violence: How you can help

5 May 2014

Women and girls are at the most at risk of, and most affected by, gender-based violence (GBV) – something known all too well within the South African context. Gender-based violence is explained as violence that occurs primarily against women because of their gender, and involves power imbalances where, most often, […]