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Tag: Nelson Mandela

Transforming our Society

21 August 2014

South Africa has now been enjoying the fruits of democracy for 20 years. When advocating for a peaceful transition after the fall of apartheid, Nelson Mandela said “…We as a people chose the path of negotiation, compromise and peaceful settlement. Instead of hatred and revenge we chose reconciliation and nation-building”. […]

National Women’s Day

9 August 2014

Today we celebrate National Women’s Day in South Africa, where women are recognised for their contribution in society, the workplace and at home. Many businesses offer mani/pedi specials and spa days, while in the home some husbands are washing dishes and cooking dinner tonight. Today we honor the four women […]

Make Change this Mandela Day and #ExposeRapeCulture

1 July 2014

Creative Consulting & Development Works is supporting Rape Crisis this Mandela Day through the launch of a social media campaign to #ExposeRapeCulture. Join us by dispelling myths about rape, and holding your own Mandela Day event to challenge rape culture.   Make Change this Mandela Day Mandela Day is a […]

Day of Reconciliation

16 December 2013 Reconciliation Day South Africa graphic

Today, the Day of Reconciliation, marks the 18th celebration of national unity after South Africa’s historic 1994 democratic elections. This year’s commemoration is all the more poignant, following the recent passing of former President Nelson Mandela who lives in the hearts of all South Africans, and in the hearts of […]

Tata Mandela

6 December 2013 Nelson Mandela, 92nd birthday official photo

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013 We wish to express our deep sadness for the passing of Tata Mandela, and our heartfelt condolences to Nelson Mandela’s family, both immediate and across the country as a people. As a person of unwavering integrity in the face of […]

Celebrating Heritage Day

24 September 2013 Maureen Sill

September 24th was previously celebrated only in Kwa-Zulu Natal as Shaka Day, in commemoration of the legendary Zulu King Shaka, who was important in uniting the Zulu clans into a cohesive nation. Today September 24th is celebrated nationally as one of South Africa’s 12 public holidays, Heritage Day. Interestingly, Heritage […]

Why they call Madiba the ‘troublemaker’

21 July 2013

by Charlene Yared-West Rolihlahla, means ‘troublemaker’ in Xhosa and this was the name Nelson Mandela was given on his birthday; July 18, 1918. He was only later given the name of Nelson on his first day at school by his teacher, Miss Mdingane who gave each of the pupils present an […]

Housing & Education enhanced through Joe Slovo Foundation

9 February 2011

When the Joe Slovo Foundation launches in May 2011, the organizations will tackle issues such as shelter and education. Joe Slovo, according to BusinessDay, was appointed housing minister by the former president, Nelson Mandela. Because of Joe’s achievements, a foundation was made in his name to commemorate his work. Martin […]

Best wishes for Madiba

31 January 2011

In South Africa, and around the world, Madiba (or more commonly known as ‘Nelson Mandela’), has become an icon and a pure representation of strength, triumph, and pride. One of my favorite aspects of Nelson Mandela’s life and influence is how he has impacted everyone in such a unique and […]

What will you do on Mandela Day?

16 July 2010

On International Nelson Mandela Day, people all over the world are meant to spend 67 minutes doing something to benefit their community. Creative Consulting & Development Works has some ideas of how you can get involved in your community as well. The man behind this day Anti-apartheid activist and first […]