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Education was my Saving Grace: Interview with Author Maria Phalime

8 July 2014

After several years of practising medicine, Soweto-born  Maria Phalime reached a realisation that it was time for her to put her career as a doctor behind her (she quit). Today, Maria is an acclaimed award-winning author of a non-fiction memoir, Postmortem: The Doctor Who Walked Away, based in Cape Town. […]

Chasing Misery: Women in Humanitarian Work

24 April 2014 Chasing Misery

When Kelsey Hoppe, the head of Chasing Misery’s editorial team is asked to describe humanitarian aid and why she decided to produce Chasing Misery, a new anthology, which collects the stories and experiences of women working in humanitarian aid she laughs and says, “It’s complicated. Both humanitarian aid and why […]