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SURUDEC – call for proposals from service providers

9 November 2009

Relating to the call for proposals from service providers for communications and research related services, here are the answers to the questions posed as of 9/11/2009:

Work package 5,6, 17 & 18

Q : It mentions you need stills, do you require a photographer to

accompany us on our shoots to get these?

A : Regarding stills – I would assume that these could be taken from the  material you would shoot.

Q : Will the shoots be booked by Surudec and will they be planned in

such a way as to save on travel costs?

Q :  Will “actors” be provided by Surudec?

A : The case study DVDs are planned to be shot more likely in the first half of

2011 as the projects will only commence activity January 2010 – so there

needs to be space to let the action evolve and then get captured. The

promotional DVD and Community Development Planning processes DVDs could be

done around mid 2010.

We will have 9 projects for Call 1 and 10 for Call – so there will be a

geographic spread – we would liaise with you regarding arrangements and

logistics. Actors would be project people, and I would assume that a script

would be worked out before hand as a consequence of engagement with us, and

reading project briefs etc to give appropriate context and direction.

Work package 14

We are inviting service providers to propose options for the position. After the close of receipt of responses we will then evaluate the merits of each response before making a final decision.

Q : Does the R100,000 budget include our fees / costs,

A : Yes, this is a total package which would include VAT. We would be looking at initially 1 week per month as a minimum. We set this as a pilot phase after which we would then consider a more permanent recruitment into a permanent post. We therefore seek options from a service provider around this framework.

Q : Attached please find our terms and Condition, which must please be signed and mailed back asap.

A : We cannot enter into any agreement with regard to terms and condition at this juncture, but note the document.

Q : What hours are required to be worked per week by the candidate,

A : If we assume 1 working day a week is 8 hours, five days per month = 40 hours.

Q : With regards to company equity, to you have any preference regarding age, race and gender.

A : While internally we have are looking for the most capable person who is able to perform under local conditions to the best of her/his ability.
Q : I have been going through the Terms of References for the various work
packages and am concerned about the budget allocation for the following:


The amount budgeted will not be even nearly enough for what has been laid
out in the TOR. Are your budgets cast in stone or is there room for

A : Budgets cannot exceed amounts indicated in work packages (including VAT)

Work package 5/6/17 & 18:

Q : How many projects will need to be covered?

A : Call 1 will have 9 projects and Call 2 10 projects

Q : Where are the locations in the Eastern Cape for the various projects?

A :                           LOCATION OF CALL 1 PROPOSALS

(Ignore numbers in parenthesis)

Project Number:      1 (5)

Location: OR Tambo, King Sabata Dalidyebo, Mqanduli

Project Number:      2 (7)

Location: Baviaans Municipality within the Cacadu District Municipality

including Willowmore, Steytlerville, Baviaanskloof, Rietbron,

Fullerton and Miler

Application Number:  3 (8)

Location: Makana, Ndlambe and Sunday’s River Municipalities – Fort

Brown,  Douglas Heights, Carlisle Bridge, Committees Drift,

Alexandria, Zuney, Grootvlei and Paterson

Project Number:      4 (10)

Location: Amathole District

Project Number:      5 (14)

Location: Thornhill Settlement, Kouga Municipality in Cacadu


Project Number:      6 (16)

Location: Sunday’s Valley Municipality

Project Number:      7 (17)

Location: All near Keiskammahoek and Amahlathi Municipality,

Amathole District

Project Number:      8 (20)

Location: Lesseytin Community, Lukhanji Local Municiplaity, Chris

Hani District Municipality

Project:             9 (27)

Location: 12 villages in the targeted municipalities of Ngqushwa, Makana

and Ndlambe


(ignore numbers in parenthesis)

Project Number:      1 (1)

Location: Cacadu District, Klipplaat, Ikwezi Municipality

Project Number:      2 (2)

Location: Makana, Ndlambe and Sunday River Municipalities – Manley

Flats, Bathurst, Collingham and Zuney

Project Number:      3 (3)

Location: Tsilitwa Village, Mhlontlo Local Municipality, OR Tambo,

Eastern Cape

Project Number:      4 (4)

Location: Cata, Amatole District Municipality, Eastern Cape

Project Number:      5 (6)

Location: 11 villages situated at Nqabara in Mbashe Municipality,

Amatole District

Project Number:      6 (8)

Location: Community owned farm outside the town of Indwe

Project Number:      7 (11)

Location: Villages of Upper Mnyameni, Lower Mnyameni and Upper

Gxulu, near Keiskammahoek, Amahlathi Local Municipality,

Amathole District Municipality

Project Number:      8 (15)

Location: Chris Hani District Municipality, Intsika Yethu Local

Municipality, Kwamzola District, Block C, Ncora Irrigation

Scheme, Ncora, Eastern cape

Project Number:      9 (18)

Location: 52 Villages – OR Tambo and Amatole Districts (49): KSD,

Nyandeni, Port St Johns and Ingquza Hill (Lusikisiki) municipalities; and Amatole District (3) – Mbashe and Mnquma municipalities

Project Number:      10 (24)

Location: Baziya Administrative Area in ward 16 at King Sabata

Dalindyebo Local Municipality in OR Tambo District


Q : What size poster do you require?

A : A2

Q : A total of 500 or 1000 copies required of the DVD?

A : See details in each respective work pack:

Work package 5 – 500 copies

Work package 6 – 100 copies

Q :  Will the DVD be in English or Xhosa?

A : English, with the ability to bud over on master copies if required

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