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Streetkids set up their own Bank in New Delhi

30 October 2007

Streetkids bank in Delhi - picture credit Boing Boing

After featuring an article on slums and povety in New Delhi we thought it worth also sharing some positive stories from this amazing city. Launched in 2001 the Children’s Development Bank is an initiative inspired and created by New Delhi streetkids. With the assistance of a volunteer aid group, Butterflies, these streetkids have managed to establish a Bank for themselves. This Bank now benefits over 1,000 streetkids who are able to manage the small sums they earn every day.

The Children’s Development Bank pays interst on the deposits made by the streetkids. This interest provides a valuable incentive to promote a culture of saving for these youngsters. The Bank is a way for them to save their daily Rupees rather then spending them. Even thought there is adult assistance, it is the streetkids themselves who manage the Bank and thus build capacity and learn valuable skills.

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