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SOPA and PIPA threaten access to information

19 January 2012

Protesters demonstrate against SOPA and PIPA. photo credit: Stan Honda/Getty Images

Both the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) have been making international headlines this past week as protests against these proposed Bills gain momentum. This week protests were scaled up when online giants Wikipedia and Google joined in on the protests by blacking out their sites in some way or another to depict the sort of information black out that these two Bills would cause.

Wikipedia participating in the online blackout earlier this week

Opponents to the Acts believe that it will hamper innovation, stun economic growth as well as interfere with access to information. Although SOPA and PIPA both aim at eradicating online piracy and copyright infringement, the public feel that it would be a violation of their civil liberties and would contradict the First Amendment of rights. To understand the Acts better I’ve attached a link to this article which will (along with visuals) explain exactly how they aim at working and also how their implementation will affect US internet users.

How exactly SOPA and PIPA will affect you


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