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SONA : Youth Crime Prevention Strategy

19 February 2018

Friday 16th of February 2018 was a special day for all South Africans, as the long-awaited State of Nation Address (SONA) was delivered by the newly appointed president, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa. As the president was delivering his speech the team at Creative Consulting & Development Works (CC&DW) embraced the following words, “During the course of this year, the community Policing Strategy will be implemented, with the aim of gaining the trust of the community and to secure their full involvement in the fight against crime. The introduction of a Youth Crime Prevention Strategy will empower and support young people to be self-sufficient and become involved in crime-fighting initiatives.”

These words were of significance as CC&DW is currently conducting an evaluation for Youth Leadership Development for Community Safety Training Intervention. This work is supported by South African-German Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme (VCP) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The Youth Crime Prevention Desks (YCPD) is implemented by the South African Police Service (SAPS), Community Policing Forums (CPF) and Department of Community Safety (DoCS) at a national and provincial level to promote community safety through the youth and the structures are based at South African Police Service stations.


The evaluation of the training programme is intended to assess the impact of the training programme in order to provide information for decision-making in terms of scalability of the approach and communicate findings to internal and external stakeholders and the wider public.

A unique component of the evaluation of the Youth Leadership Development for Community Safety Training Intervention is our use of mixed methodology with Story-boarding (SB). This creative tool is used to collect data on how the situation has changed since Youth Leaders and Mentors have been exposed to the training and mentorship programme. SB sessions are being used to identify stories of project implementation or planning, and to assess the changes that took place after the Youth Leaders attended the training in terms of implementation of knowledge and skills, confidence levels and commitments, and changes in attitudes and beliefs.

Given the high levels of crime and violence in South African homes and communities, it is vital that policy-makers, civil society and nonprofit organisations working with these issues learn what works and what doesn’t. Working with youth to promote community safety is a vital strategy to redressing violence on our streets and in our homes. This evaluation will provide decision-makers and implementers with key findings and recommendations to plan the way forward. CC&DW is privileged to have the opportunity to work on this important evaluation study, currently underway.

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