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We are a research, evaluation and communications consultancy, servicing nonprofits, governments and donors with innovative solutions within the development context.

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We conduct analytical and comprehensive research, with an ability to write for readers from various audiences and a capacity for exact editing. Our dedicated team has experience creating research strategies, synthesising and analysing findings and compiling comprehensive research reports.

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Client: City of Cape Town’s Arts and Culture Department

Project: Research in Respect of the State of the Arts in Cape Town

The Arts, Culture and Creative Industry (ACCI) in Cape Town is broad, multi-dimensional, and caters for various tastes, ages, and interests of Cape Town’s diverse population. Noting the lack of consolidated, reliable quantitative data for this sector; the City of Cape Town’s Arts and Culture Department (ACD) contracted Creative Consulting […]

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“This strategy aims to equip parents with tools to create a learning environment at home and assist their children with their schoolwork and ultimately improve the literacy and numeracy levels amongst school going children in the lower levels. It also assists parents to improve their own education levels. Thank you so much for your work and professionalism in this project. Wishing you everything of the best for your future endeavours.”