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We are a research, evaluation and communications consultancy, servicing nonprofits, governments and donors with innovative solutions within the development context.

Services: Facilitation & Training

As a learning organisation, we focus our facilitation and training services on enabling development practitioners and their beneficiaries to access a range of quality educational events, projects and initiatives that help to build capacity in both organisations and the communities they serve.

Our approach includes

Our solutions include

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Client: Creative Consulting & Development Works

Project: Creative Qualitative Data Collection Tools

The objective of the workshop is to introduce researchers and M&E practitioners to creative ways for collecting and presenting data. The value of using creative methods spans from enhancing participation (particularly when sensitive issues or vulnerable populations are involved), to facilitating the dissemination of research findings. The workshop is taking […]

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“In terms of project planning, it has been very useful. Practical recommendations were given regarding challenges we were facing. We have already begun implementing these changes and can see the difference it makes.”