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A new way of thinking about presenting data

14 June 2017

We held our Creative Data Visualisation training in Pretoria in May 2017. Here’s what facilitator, Fia van Rensburg, highlighted as the main aims and objectives of this training:

We’ll be looking at some traditional ways of reporting and presenting data and taking that and facilitating a new way of thinking about presenting data. Using what participants are familiar with and how that can be used optimally to present data and entice people to apply the information differently. We’re building technical skills. The best way to think of it is as if, you have an idea and you know how it looks but you don’t have the skills to develop it. This training will equip you with the right tools, to not only communicate your idea, but develop it too.

Here’s what participants had to say about the training and what they learnt.

Which part of the workshop/course did you enjoy most?

“Creative exercises were very useful as I plan on applying that skill going forward.”

“Applying new skills to real-world environments.”

“Fia’s enthusiasm for the subject and her openness in expressing her own level. The practical elements and additional resources”

What is the most important thing you have learned?

“How to start thinking creatively. This is challenging but with what I have learnt I know where to start.”

“Developing new skills takes practice.”

“Which graphs to use for different types of data and using fewer information charts as well as not repeating information.

“How to plan data for an infographic layout.”

“Ability to use Ms Word for design without needing to buy software.”

Read more about Fia (training facilitator) and the importance of creative data visualisation here: Your groundbreaking data will go unnoticed if you can’t communicate its value

Let us know if you would like us to to provide a customised course in Creative Data Visualiation for your organisation – contact Itumeleng Ramano today on (021) 4482058 or


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