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Kingsley Holgate on a new adventure

2 February 2012

One of Africa’s most well known explorers, few have seen the continent of Africa the way Kingsley Holgate has. He has been in practically every country on the continent carrying out amazing humanitarian and aid work. A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Kingsley is also known as the “Grey Beard of Africa”.

Kingsley at a Voodoo market in Togo **Image courtesy of

His tightly knit team comprises of his wife Gill, his son Ross, daugher in-law Anna, his grandson Tristan as well as humanitarian volunteers and journalists. He believes that “a person is a person through other people” and it is this motto that has managed to see Kingsley and his team reach some of the most remote parts of Africa. Whether it’s an expedition to Somalia to distribute thousands of mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and children, or embarking on a 448 day journey around the outline of Africa covering 33 countries, their work knows no bounds.


Team Holgate at the Cape of Goodhope **Image courtesy of

We will be following the Holgates on their latest adventure and providing updates and interviews as they carry out their latest mission. Details to be released soon!

Kingsley with his Grandson Tristan who travels with the team on their adventures **Image courtesy of


In the mean time, visit the Kingsley Holgate website for more information on previous expeditions. Here’s a link to a video interview that was done on a mission called “Boundless Africa”.


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