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Evaluations enable learning: Zenex celebrates a milestone for the learner programme

10 October 2017

Late in 2014 Creative Consulting & Development Works (CC&DW) was contracted by the Zenex Foundation to do a comprehensive evaluation of the Zenex Learner Programme, as part of a 10-year retrospective review of the high school intervention programme. The Zenex Foundation will host a seminar on Wednesday 11 October in Johannesburg to reflect on the implementation of the learner support programmes in Maths and Science.

Susannah Clarke and Leanne Adams will present findings and lessons learnt to inform the education sector for these types of learner support programmes, alongside Professor Paul Hobden, who conducted an initial evaluation of the programme.

Notable speakers include Programme Director Ms Linda Vilakazi, CEO of the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation; Mr Edward Mosuwe, HOD of the Gauteng Provincial Department of Education and Linda Zuze, Chief Research Specialist of the Human Sciences Research Council. Speakers will respond to evaluation learnings and draw critical reflections on learner support programmes.  

Enriching the education landscape in South Africa

Events that create a space to share and discuss evaluation findings within the South African evaluation community are rare. In hosting this seminar, the Zenex Foundation is contributing to strengthening evaluation in South Africa.  These efforts also strengthen the education sector through the use of evidence-based approaches to the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programmes.  

Using creative data visualisation as a method

Creative Data Visualisation is an excellent tool for re-framing very detailed information in a more user-friendly, accessible way and is an ideal way to communicate complex evaluation findings. The use of infographics enables evaluation users to disseminate evaluation findings and infographics to increase the utility of the findings and recommendations. The infographic produced by CC&DW for the Zenex learner support programme evaluation has been used by the Foundation to disseminate information to project stakeholders.

CC&DW will be presenting a one-day workshop on the use of Creative Data Visualisation at the upcoming 6th biennial SAMEA conference on 23 October. Spaces are limited, so sign up now if you are interested in how to use Creative Data Visualisation in an evaluation.

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