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Discuss: Afro Optimism vs. Afro Pessimism

15 September 2011


The Exclusives Books Top 10 Bestseller list at King Shaka International Airport was a staggering reflection of the fragile balance of the collective psyche of South Africans recently. This intriguing snapshot revealed high interest in South African current affairs and equal doses of nostalgic optimism and pessimistic reservations. Are we Afro optimists or Afro Pessimists? And how do our attitudes serve socio-economic development?


Scenario-planner Clem Sunter points to three potential courses for South Africa: all the ducks in a row; none of the ducks in a row; or the failed state. “Forget the high road and the low road,” says Clem Sunter. “That imagery is so eighties!” At Creative Consulting & Development Works we have to agree. For us, the metaphorical glass seems full to the brim with threats and possibilities. Sunter highlights Nationalisation, Media Tribunals, National Health Insurance & Land Grabs as key threats and SARS, The Red Cross Childrens Hospital and 5000 excellent schools as examples of good practice. We would like to opt for option C – a healthy dose of Afro Realism and hope to see South Africa’s challenges addressed with Afro Entrepreneurship – a view mirrored by Sunter.




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