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27 June 2016

Guess who?

If we told you that this particular photograph was recently taken whilst working on a Creative Consulting and Development Works project that provides programme evaluation or internship services in the development sector, would you believe us?

Probably not! Well, this goes to show that development is all around us – even on dairy farms. Whether it is the farmer who needs to ensure that his labourers are skilled to take care of the cow in the photograph; making sure she produces milk and dairy products that are nutritious, that they build healthy bones, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, and are sources of high-quality protein, calcium, potassium and Vitamin D.

Or whether it is our Government who need to ensure that these dairy products are accessible and affordable to all. Especially to those communities where resources are scarce and it is needed most.

The responsibility of developing South Africa is shared by us all, and opportunities for that are visible in everything that we do. For us here at CC&DW, throughout the course this particular project in the Swartland region, we have been making sure that the links between the dairy cows and South African communities are existing and working effectively through purposeful evaluation – ultimately making sure that the farmer can keep producing good quality dairy products, and the child in need can have a glass of milk each day to help with his or her growth and development.

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