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Category: Food Security

An End to African Food Insecurity?

8 September 2010

As food riots in Mozambique and South African strikes over low wages and high living costs have shown, access to food is a non-negotiable (and incredibly necessary) human right. The Mail&Guardian reports that farmers in seven African countries have been granted a lifeline by the development of a new breed […]

When people don’t have bread to eat…

2 September 2010

As you popped your two pieces of bread into the toaster for breakfast this morning, could you ever imagine not being able to afford this basic nourishment? Could you believe that people could die asking for cheaper bread? This is what is happening in our neighbouring country Mozambique. According to […]

overconsumption… and what is eaten in one week

30 July 2008

As the world faces serious food security issues we are reminded of the vast inequalities between the haves and the have not’s as so many of the world’s citizens struggle on a daily basis to feed their families …. yet other more fortunate and rich citizen’s consume at an ever […]