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Category: Evaluation

Reflections on AfrEA 2017

25 April 2017

From Uganda in 2017 to Cote d’Voire in 2019 Exciting destinations and thought-provoking discussions: attending an African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) conference is likely to be on the wish list of most evaluators. Economic realities, scheduling conflicts and the family-career juggling game may stand in the way of participating in the […]

Evaluation is serious business and learning about evaluation is serious fun

27 February 2017

We are serious about having fun when presenting our training workshops. While research and evaluation may come across as mundane to some, we have included appropriate experiential learning opportunities into our training workshops ensuring active as opposed to theory-based-only learning. Through our unique, interactive activities built into our training, we […]

The Importance of an Evaluability Assessment in Research Analysis

24 January 2017

An evaluability assessment (EA) is an assessment that helps to check whether a programme is ready for an evaluation and, if so, how the evaluation should be designed to ensure maximum efficacy and to allow evaluators to measure the programme’s effect accurately. But the assessment goes further than merely providing information […]

Ethics in research and how to handle socio-economic challenges in fieldwork

18 January 2017

Ethics in research are extremely important and should always be maintained to ensure that researchers conduct their work in a professional manner. Basically put, ethics are the rules that distinguish between “right” and “wrong”, “bad” and “good”, ethics are about the norms for conduct that distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable […]

Register for our upcoming evaluation trainings now

16 January 2017

We’re very pleased to present our evaluation training schedule for 2017. Click here to register now for these upcoming courses. After you register, we’ll get in touch to finalise the details. And if you’d like to register now for one later on in the year, that’s definitely allowed — we’ll […]

How to conduct data collection in culturally sensitive communities

11 November 2016

Collecting fieldwork data has its challenges. Regardless of the context there is much logistical and technical work that goes into preparing and carrying out the task. To ensure successful and quality data collection it’s important that fieldworkers understand and are aware of the culture and tradition of the area where […]

Working With Appreciative Inquiry: The Day We Dropped The D-Bomb

26 October 2016

We walked into an airy boardroom in a leafy Pretoria suburb one morning and decided: “today, we will do it!” The previous week in Cape Town, it hadn’t felt right to drop the D-bomb among a stern group of economists. This time, it was different. We followed through with the […]

The question of value for money: Using SROI in evaluation

20 September 2016

Evaluation is a most effective way to answer the question, “is my programme really working?” By using various methods to understand and systematically analyse how programmes are designed, implemented and working, evaluations unpack their tangible and intangible effects, including how valuable the intervention is, and recommendations to improve its effectiveness. […]

The visible success of investing in education programmes

15 September 2016

Creative Consulting & Development Works’ evaluation team recently spent two weeks in the valley and hills of KwaZulu-Natal conducting fieldwork for a 3-year long evaluation on a South African school-based programme. The first two days of fieldwork were spent at a learner camp hosted by the Zenex Foundation and held […]

How do we know programmes that aim to help those in need really do exactly that?

7 September 2016

If you want to learn more about evaluating and improving development programmes and have fun while doing so, join Creative Consulting & Development Works at our upcoming workshop: ‘The biorhythm and life cycle of programme evaluation’. For human beings, biorhythm refers to the cyclic patterns of physical, emotional, or mental […]