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Project: Umsobomvu Life Skills Training

Client: National Youth Service / Umsobomvu Youth Fund
Duration: January – April 2009

The youth of South Africa are faced with many challenges that often make it difficult to cope and manage in everyday life. Some of these challenges include unemployment, lack of education, inadequate skills, and lack of access to facilities and adequate resources. These challenges often perpetuate a cycle of reoccurring social ills such as drugs, abuse, violence, gangsterism and HIV/AIDS infection, to name a few.

Umsobomvu Youth Fund seeks to support and develop South Africa’s youth by offering life skills training that will tap into their unexplored potential. The importance and value of training and developing skills is never more evident than in the area of life skills.

In January 2009, Creative Consulting & Development Works was selected by Umsobomvu Youth Fund as one of the service providers that would provide training to Umsobomvu-funded projects, groups and individuals.

Two members of the Creative Consulting & Development Works team took part in a structured facilitation programme involving:

“Upon entering early adulthood, children growing up in South Africa experience great challenges due to a lack of basic life skills. The life skills training provided by the Umsobomvu Youth Fund, through a series of workshops, is fundamental to building a solid foundation for success. This training compliments the ultimate goal of equipping the youth of South Africa with the necessary skills to succeed in life.” (Susannah Clarke, Researcher and Facilitator, Creative Consulting & Development Works)

Different methods of facilitation were used. The pair had the opportunity to implement these methods in order to enhance the learning process. The facilitation techniques incorporated group work, roleplays, simulation, games and demonstration.

“For me, this learner-centred approach to training helped promote and enhance the opportunity for the participant to process the material. Cooperation and working in teams helps develop and acquire skills that will enable them to manage their lives more effectively.” (Shirley Dempster, Consultant and Facilitator, Creative Consulting & Development Works)