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Project: Strengthening the Local Child Protection System for Children on the Move and Other Vulnerable Children

Client: Save the Children UK
Duration: August – November 2012

Save the Children established the Musina Response Programme in 2003 to the enhanced well-being and safety of children on the move in Vhembe district through effective and coordinated protection and care services. Over the past few years, Save the Children has shifted the focus from direct humanitarian assistance to a systems strengthening approach which is more sustainable. From July 2011 to June 2012, Save the Children UK implemented a one year project on systems and institutional strengthening, focusing on capacity building and monitoring of local partners, as well as coordination and advocacy for awareness and action on the appropriate care and protection of children on the move in Vhembe District, Musina.

Project Name:   Strengthening the Local Child Protection System for Children on the Move and Other Vulnerable Children in the Vhembe District, Limpopo Province.

Client: Save the Children UK

Project Duration: August – November 2012

Sector:  NGO, Vulnerable Children

Service provided: Summative Evaluation

Project Deliverables:

–          End-Term Evaluation of Save the Children’s Protection Programme for Children on the Move

–          To independently assess results achieved against the Objectives and Outputs specified in the original project proposal, so that Save the Children can provide feedback internally as well as to donors and other partners including beneficiaries.

–          To highlight any lessons learnt and innovative aspects of the project, and make recommendations as appropriate for continuation and/or scale-up of activities.

Our Approach:

The evaluation team made use of mixed methods to gather data in order to evaluate the project: primary documents related to the Musina project were reviewed; key informant interviews were conducted with representatives from government departments, interagency forum members, staff and carers in Child and Youth Care Centres; focus group discussions and mini-discussions held with Unaccompanied Migrant  boys and girls, and Home based carers; and members of the Musina Children’s Committee wrote essays.


Overall, Save the Children’s protection programme in Limpopo has initiated relevant interventions, and effectively implemented most of the planned activities. Some of the results are indicative of making positive impact of strengthening systems at from the top (i.e. government level) to the grassroots.

There is anecdotal evidence that Save the Children’s coordination efforts have been effective in identifying and responding to the needs of Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMC). The project has been successful in supporting UMC who are interested in accessing both formal and non-formal education, capacitating and supporting the stakeholders to effectively monitor, refer and protect UMC. Services are available for victims of abuse, exploitation and SGBV to access the necessary support from centres providing professional help.  Communities are also more responsive to acts of child abuse, exploitation and SGBV following mass campaigns through media and radio to raise awareness on issues of child protection.