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Project: Mbekweni Community Sports Centre Evaluation Report

Client: SCORE/Hope through Action
Duration: February 2012

SCORE International is a non-profit organization specializing in community development through sport and recreation. SCORE’s mission is to use sport to provide children and youth with valuable skills and opportunities they need to succeed in life and contribute to their communities. Mbekweni is a under resources township on the outskirts of Paarl, outside of Cape Town. The Hope Through Action Foundation funded the building of an indoor sports facility in the township, which was launched in June 2010. Creative Consulting and Development Works (CC&DW) were commissioned to evaluate the Mbekweni Community Sports Centre determining the relevance, accessibility, acceptability, ethical soundness, technical soundness, sustainability, efficiency, effectiveness, innovativeness, perceived impact, lessons learned and challenges of the initiative.

Project Name:   Mbekweni Community Sports Centre Evaluation Report

Client:  SCORE/Hope through Action

Project Duration: February 2012

Sector:  Sports, Youth Development, Community Development , NPO, Poverty, Gender

Service provided: Evaluation

Project Deliverables:

Our Approach:

CC&DW formulated the evaluation as a qualitative research initiative in order to optimally gain insights into the beneficiaries’ views about the project. Data collection techniques included semi-structured individual interviews, focus group discussions and observations.


CC&DW found that in totality the sports centre programmes are vital to the development of the children and youth and broader community. It was also found that the overall impact on their lives goes much further and deeper than can be measured through this evaluation. It is suggested that sophisticated evaluation tools be developed and used to monitor the lives of the children involved into adulthood to determine the real value of the centre. CC&DW was therefore able to make recommendations based on the gaps identified in the centre operations and programmes.