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Project: Spar Western Cape CSI Strategy

Client: Spar Western Cape Depo
Duration: Two Years

CC&DW were commissioned by Spar Depo Western Cape to facilitate the development of a CSI strategic framework and policy that would allow create a platform for a collaborative and united CSI initiative across the network of privately owned Spar outlets in the province. CC&DW was given the task of completing extensive research on CSI initiatives that are in alignment with Spar’s brand. Once the research was completed, a workshop facilitated by CC&DW and attended by Spar Depo Western Cape’s CSI management team was held for the final selection of a CSI strategic framework and policy based on research findings.

Once the strategy had been finalized and adopted by the CSI Management team, A CSI committee -which consists of Spar employees from various Spar outlets- was appointed to champion and oversee the implementation of the new CSI strategy. Creative Consulting and Development Works facilitated a 1 day workshop for the committee members to ensure a common understanding of the strategy and to secure the buy-in of the committee members.

Project Name:   Spar Western Cape Depo CSI Strategy

Client:  Spar Western Cape Depo

Project Duration:  Two years

Sector:  CSI

Service provided: Designed  CSI strategic framework and policy for a revamped CSI programme, followed by annual 2 stakeholder briefing sessions.

Project Deliverables:

–          Comprehensive CSI strategic framework and policy that is aligned to Spar’s brand and informed by international best practice

–          Facilitated consultative workshop with CSI management team from Spar Depo Western Cape

–          Facilitated workshop with Spar CSI committee

–          Criteria for the selection of beneficiary schools/ nonprofit organisations


Our Approach:

CC&DW provided Spar Depo Western Cape with relevant research on potential CSI initiatives that align with their brand strategy. The research focused on international best practices as well as a thorough understanding of Spar as an organization.  We looked for potential projects that align with Spar’s brand’s focus on healthy living.


Informed by our understanding that good CSI projects require collaboration across various departments at different levels, we recommended that CSI committees be formed to include ‘ordinary’ Spar employees. We also advised that Spar take a partnership approach to supporting a school based food garden. Our overall approach prioritized enhancing Spar’s corporate identity, encouraging collaboration between staff from various Spar outlets, and providing a sustainable solution to improving the food security and nutrition of primary school children in a select poor community through the provision of an organic food garden.


The facilitated process allowed our client to consult thorough research to inform a CSI strategy that has the buy-in of independent Spar outlets, Spar employees, and the communities that they affect. Spar Depo Western Cape was given access to research on internationally benchmarked projects that could help enhance their corporate brand, while providing a sustainable solution to child nutrition.