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Project: Social Dialogue Series on Racism, Diversity and Integration

Client: City of Cape Town
Duration: November 2005 – January 2006

Cape Town is a unique city by virtue of its richness of cultures. Cape Town’s historical legacy is such that the it is a melting pot of communities from different parts of the world, including Europe, Madagascar, India, North Africa and West Africa, as well as communities from what is now the Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces, to name a few. This wealth of diverse communities is also accompanied by a socio-economic disparity that dates back to apartheid.

This socio-economic gap is one of the key challenges. It is on this basis that the City of Cape Town conceptualised and initiated the Social Dialogue Series on Racism, Diversity and Integration. The Social Dialogue Series was a space for public participation and engagement, where Capetonians from all walks of life could come together to share their views on race relations, diversity and integration in the City, through facilitated public discussions.

Creative Consulting & Development Works was contracted to project manage the dialogues series, playing a key role in coordinating the sessions, inviting key note speakers and the public, liaising with the media and handling response management for the Social Dialogue. Creative Consulting & Development Works collaborated with Vuyo Kuyana and Dena Lomofsky of Southern Hemisphere for this large-scale event that aimed to put forward a plan of action to end racism and discrimination and promote integration in the City of Cape Town.

The dialogues were attended by approximately 400 people throughout the Western Cape, who were given the opportunity to express their views and engage in the topics and sessions. In addition, the dialogues were moderated by SAFM personality and social critic Tim Modise. Panelists from selected interest groups within the development sector such as civil society groups, business, NGOs and youth groups, to name a few, participated in the dialogue series.

Creative Consulting & Development Works greatly valued the opportunity to be part of an important process in engaging Cape Town residents in discussions on racism and discrimination, in an effort to capture their ideas and sketch a way forward, so as to eliminate discrimination and racial prejudice.