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Project: Evaluation of Services to Persons with Disabilities

Client: Western Cape Provincial Department of Social Development
Duration: January – October 2013

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) called for an evaluation of services to Persons with Disabilities provided by NGO’s in the province. These organisations have received funding from DSD to provide a range of disability programmes that aim to promote the rights, well-being and socio-economic empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, and their families in the Province.

Project Name: Disability

Client: Department of Social Development

Project Duration: January – October 2013

Sector:  Disability

Service provided: Evaluation, Research 

Project Deliverables:

–          Conducted an evaluation of existing disability services that reviewed the; overall impact of the services, accessibility of services, relevance and appropriateness of services, value for money of services, extent to which services contributed towards social change, improved social functioning of beneficiaries, and the social impact of services on changing community attitude towards Persons with Disabilities and the reduction of stigma and social exclusion.

–          Identified elements of emerging promising practices in the field of disability programmes.

Our Approach:  CC&DW used a mixed-method design for this evaluation, combining both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques including a desktop review, collection and analysis of routine data, semi-structured interviews and site observations. Staff and beneficiaries from fifteen organisations, providing services to people with hearing, visual, intellectual, and physical disabilities, participated in the evaluation.

Value: The findings and recommendations provided DSD with tremendous insight, showing that DSD and NGOs need to heavily invest in strategising about how to reduce the vulnerability of Persons with Disability and their caregivers through continually identifying ways to ensure that Persons with Disabilities are able to access high quality, relevant  and appropriate services. Such strategies need to consider the reach of services especially to beneficiaries living in communities beyond the Metro.

Through ongoing, targeted awareness of the needs of Persons with Disabilities, ongoing advocacy and the integration of Persons with Disabilities into the workplace and other services, it is hoped that there will be a social impact and that stigma will be reduced.