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Project: Sector Body Evaluation Report

Client: The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (Western Cape Provincial Government)
Duration: January 2012

Creative Consulting  and Development Works (CC&DW) was commissioned by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism to evaluate the ‘value add’ to particular sectors in the Western Cape Province by means of their special purpose vehicles (SPVs) or sector bodies.  The strategies, memberships, activities, resources and compliance requirements of 9 selected SPVs in the province are evaluated.

Project Name:   Sector Body Evaluation Report

Client:  The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (Western Cape Provincial Government)

Project Duration: January 2012

Sector:  Economy, Tourism, government

Service provided:  Evaluation

Project Deliverables:

–          Undertook an evaluative study of 9 SPVs in order to review their performance.

–          Determined  extent to which each SPV in question has created a platform for greater engagement among sector businesses.

Our Approach:

Data generated from this evaluation involved primary face-to-face interviews , using a modular questionnaire and interview guide developed by CC&DW in collaboration with DEDAT. In cases where a respondent was not available for a face-to-face interview, they were requested to participate in a telephonic interview. Additionally all 9 SPV CEO’s and 3 key informants were interviewed.


CC&DW found that overall there is a sense that the SPVs are vital to growing sectors but the depths of the value add is limited. This evaluation sought to evaluate the value add per SPV and at the same time ascertain from the CEOs what indicators would be appropriate to measure each of their sectors. The recommendations are: use the right indicators for measurement; communicate with membership; transparency with regard to resources; compliant requirements of the department take CEOs away from their industry duties;  alternative funding model.