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Project: Process and Programme Evaluation of Substance Abuse Programmes

Client: Western Cape Provincial Department of Social Development
Duration: January – October 2013

Substance abuse is a serious issue in the Western Cape and has a range of negative and destabilising household, economic and social consequences. Due to South Africa’s historical legacy, it is particularly within poor communities that there are high levels of unmet substance abuse treatment needs. South Africa has a high lifetime population prevalence estimate of 13.3% for Substance Use Disorders (SUD), with the Western Cape contributing significantly to the national substance abuse burden. For the 2012/13 financial period, Western Cape Department of Social Development funded roughly 41 private NPO’s. Among these were 17 community-based treatment sites, six inpatient sites, four Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) awareness sites and 26 sites offering early intervention, awareness and/or aftercare. Of the three public/state community-based treatment centres, one is solely a youth centre, for young people between the ages of 13 to 18 (managed by a service provider) and the other two are adult centres (one managed by a service provider and the other by DSD). NPOs that receive funding from DSD provide a range of programmes aimed at preventing substance abuse and treating people with SUDs. These programmes offer various services that need to be aligned with the Substance Abuse, Prevention and Rehabilitation Programme objectives in order to receive approval for funding. Accordingly, the design and implementation of programmes differ, as programmes are offered by separate and independent organisations.

Project Name: Substance Abuse

Client: Western Cape Provincial Department of Social Development

Project Duration: January – October 2013

Sector: Social Development, Non-profit sector, Community Development

Service provided: Evaluation, Research

Project Deliverables:

–          Strive to understand the institutional and programmatic context within which substance abuse interventions take place in the Western Cape

–          Strive to initially answer the following questions:


Our Approach: CC&DW implemented a mixed-method approach using qualitative data collection techniques that incorporated an extensive and comprehensive literature review, routine data collection, semi-structured interviews, key informant interviews, and a structured survey.

Value: The first purpose of the evaluation was knowledge-orientated and strived to understand the institutional and programmatic context within which substance abuse interventions take place in the Western Cape. The second purpose of the research was improvement orientated. It sought to answer important questions around the programme’s strengths and weaknesses, implementation of the programmes, and positive and negative responses to the intervention by recipients. These two purposes sought to assist the Western Cape Department of Social Development to improve the fit between substance abuse services for individuals, families and communities and the need for those services, and improve overall outcomes of treatment and interventions.