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Project: Policy Project HIV/AIDS Toolkit

Client: Policy Project
Duration: August 2003 – June 2006

In September 2003, Creative Consulting & Development Works was contracted by the Policy Project to coordinate and manage the design and production of the HIV and AIDS Toolkit, To the Other Side of the Mountain. This five-part Communications for Development (C4D) toolkit consisting of six books explores topics aimed at people living with HIV/AIDS.

An initiative of the National Department of Health, this project was conducted in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded POLICY Project and the United Nations Development Programme for the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA).

The development of the Toolkit came out of a need to inform, educate and empower South Africans living with HIV/AIDS. Lindy Briginshaw served as the consultant, overseeing the production of the Toolkit. This process involved:

“Lindy’s project management skills are outstanding and allowed the many processes attached to this complex project to unfold in a timely, focused manner. POLICY and the National Department of Health are extremely proud of the end product and are especially looking forward to disseminating it in the latter part of 2006.” (Caroline Wills, former Director, Policy Project)

A group of 20 South Africans living with HIV/AIDS participated in workshops to structure and test the aims, messages and activities of each of the tools. The focus of the Toolkit is on the importance of empowering people living with HIV and AIDS in HIV/AIDS-related work. Identifying key issues affecting people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, project partners focused on five topics around which the books are based. The five books making up the Toolkit include:

These focal areas aim to effect change, develop skills of individuals, build a generation of leaders and facilitate HIV/AIDS training and advocacy work. The design and illustration of the Toolkit reflects the work, passion, tireless effort, emotion and journey To the Other Side of the Mountain. Click here to view the online version of the Toolkit