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Project: PANSA facilitated workshop with stakeholders

Client: Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA)
Duration: January 2007

The performing arts sector can be used as a vehicle to drive development in South Africa. It is this knowledge that prompted the Performing Arts Network of South Africa for the Western Cape (PANSA-WC) to seek ways to improve the state of the performing arts industry in the Western Cape.

PANSA-WC networks with individuals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), service providers and other institutions that are involved in the performing arts sector. In an effort to promote and sustain economic development and tourism within the sector, PANSA-WC contracted Creative Consulting & Development Works to conceptualise and facilitate a consultative workshop, focusing on dance and theatre in the country. Stakeholders within the performing arts sector were invited to this two-day workshop.

A workshop methodology that involved participation action research was developed. This method, which was very effective in enabling openness and sharing amongst the participants, ensured that creative and innovative solutions were generated. In addition, the facilitation process created the necessary space to capture the ideas, key discussion points and debates that came out of the workshop.

The workshop’s outcomes gave insight into the challenges faced by artists. Participants were able to share their experiences as a collective group and identify ways of improving the sector. Funded by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, the outcomes of the workshop informed the draft document presented to the Department by PANSA-WC for the development of a five-year business plan. Creative Consulting & Development Works’ facilitation of the consultative workshop was able to shape the solutions generated by the participants, which they would take forward to ensure a sustainable performing arts sector.