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Project: Outcome Evaluation of the Global Fund OVC Programme

Client: NACOSA, NRASD, and National DSD
Duration: September 2015 - June 2016

Project Outline: CC&DW was appointed by the Networking HIV/AIDS Community of South Africa (NACOSA), the National Religious Association for Social Development (NRASD), and the Department of Social Development (DSD) to conduct an outcome evaluation of the Global Fund Phase II Grant Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme. NRASD and NACOSA were the principal recipients of this grant and in turn funded 47 and 26 community-based organisations (CBOs) respectively, who directly implemented the programme to vulnerable children and their households.

With the Phase II Grant coming to end in March 2016, the evaluation aimed to:

Project Name:   Outcome Evaluation of the Global Fund OVC Programme


Project Duration: September 2015 – June 2016

Sector: Orphans and vulnerable children, community systems strengthening, home and community based care

Service provided: Evaluation

Project Deliverables: CC&DW completed the following for the client

Our Approach: In order to answer the evaluation questions, CC&DW adopted three evaluation approaches

  1. Process evaluation: CC&DW drew on existing programme monitoring data to confirm programme outputs and assess (a) if the programme had been implemented as intended, (b) how efficiently programme resources had been used, and (c) to benchmark programme achievements.
  1. Quasi-experimental research design: In addition to the process evaluation element of the project, the evaluation adopted a quasi-experimental research design to attempt to explore the short-term to intermediate changes that occurred as a result of the programme through
    • Cross sectional comparison of intervention and comparison groups: CC&DW utilised an intervention group (organisations implementing the Global Fund OVC programme) and comparison group (oganisations implementing an OVC programme funded by DSD), comparing the 2 groups’ performance on key programme outcomes.
    • Time series design: The evaluation also compared data from a previous evaluation of the programme to the end-of-programme outcome survey to attempt to identify broad changes from the midpoint of the programme to the endpoint in intervention sites.
  1. Case studies: Ten in-depth case studies were used to highlight particular findings that emerged from the quasi-experimental survey discussed in the section. CC&DW conducted interviews with key informants, focus groups and interviews at CBOs and reviewed programme documents to develop these case studies.

Value: With the Global Fund OVC programme coming to an end, the evaluation was able to identify the programme’s achievements and contribution to the Global Fund’s goals with regards to HIV counselling and testing and services to OVC. In addition, the evaluation assessed the effectiveness of the OVC programme in achieving its intended outcomes. Lastly, it provided insight on the sustainability of the programme outcomes at the household and organizational level and the likelihood that services would continue following the close-out of the grant.

Read the full report here.