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Project: National Evaluation for Mindset Health’s HIV/AIDS Programming

Client: Mindset Health
Duration: March - August 2010

The Mindset Network is dedicated to designing, producing, sourcing and disseminating educational content, primarily in digital form in both the health and education sectors. Mindset Health, a partnership between the Mindset Network, the National Department of Health and Sentech, was launched in October 2003. It aims to deliver uplifting health education programming on a mass scale, centred on increasing awareness and understanding of key health issues, such as HIV/AIDS and TB. Mindset Health has installed its platforms for delivering this programming in over 400 healthcare facilities across all nine provinces.

Creative Consulting and Development Works (CC&DW) was contracted to conduct an evaluation that sought to assess the function and impact of Mindset Health’s HIV and AIDS programming. It examined the reach of this programming, the installation and operation of Mindset equipment; public and healthcare provider perceptions of the health education content, and the outcomes and impacts of the overall intervention.

The evaluation employed a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods. While this was a predominantly a national field-based evaluation, relevant documents were reviewed and drawn upon. The primary sources of information included focus groups and survey questionnaires, key informant interviews and observations.

The evaluation found that Mindset Health’s programming is generally regarded as being of a high quality, culturally appropriate, and directly relevant to the urgent health information needs of its target audiences. It further provided Mindset with recommendations to improve the impact of its interventions.

© Jenn Warren

© Jenn Warren