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Project: Mamelani Projects Strategic Planning

Client: Mamelani Projects
Duration: February 2007

Mamelani Projects benefited greatly from the technical assistance provided by Creative Consulting & Development Works in February 2007. Mamelani Projects was in its third year of operation and felt it needed a renewed and transformative look at the way in which it operated. This non-profit organisation then contracted Creative Consulting & Development Works to conceptualise and facilitate a strategic planning workshop that would assist Mamelani Projects to gain a fresh operational and strategic perspective.

The Creative Consulting & Development Works team made use of creative facilitation techniques and exercises to develop strategic planning tools. The team believes firmly that internal management systems and external operating practices contribute significantly to any organisation’s running. As an organisation supporting educational programmes in disadvantaged communities, Mamelani Projects was able to take stock of the following:

Through the strategic planning workshop, the staff had the opportunity to own the process. They identified key areas within the organisation that needed to be strengthened. The workshop also motivated the staff to express their views and concerns and take responsibility for the organisation’s direction. The outcome was a renewed sense of direction and purpose.