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Project: Legislative Directory

Client: Legislative Support Programme
Duration: November 2004 – June 2005

The Legislatures Support Programme (LSP), a partnership programme between the European Union and the Speakers’ Forum of South Africa, commissioned Creative Consulting & Development Works to research, compile and produce the Legislative Directory: A guide to strengthening democracy and good governance within South Africa’s legislative sector.

The Legislative Directory is a valuable tool for legislative institutions and those involved in the good governance sector. Its research and production was undertaken at a time when South Africa’s democracy was developing effective, strong and fully functional legislative institutions within the legislative and development sector. It was necessary, therefore, to provide support whereby these institutions could effectively contribute to policy-making processes.

The Legislative Directory provides information for civil society and non-profit organisations, including:

The Legislative Directory contributes to the strengthening of the relationship between government and civil society – working towards building our democracy through providing information and facilitating access to legislative institutions.