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Project: Grade 11 & 12 IT School Intervention

Client: Mindset Network
Duration: April – September 2012

Mindset Learn initially developed multimedia content for Grade 10 educators and learners on the subject of IT, with support from Uniforum SA. The intervention was extended to include Grade 11 and 12. The lessons were specially designed to be informative, interesting and easy to follow for both learners and educators alike. The interactive multimedia content, as well as the associated print content, was specifically developed to ensure support of teaching and learning development, as well as trying to foster a greater interest in and commitment towards IT as a subject. The objectives of the Grade 11 and 12 IT project were to: provide support of teaching and learning of IT in schools; develop a greater interest in and commitment to IT; encourage more schools to offer IT as a subject; increase enrolment of learners in IT classes; and to contribute towards making the teaching and learning of IT more enjoyable and engaging.

Project Name: Grade 11 & 12 IT School Intervention

Client: Mindset Network

Project Duration: April – September 2012

Sector: Education

Service provided: Evaluation, Research


Project Deliverables

Conducted an evaluation to assess the programme’s achievement of its short and long-term outcomes on educators and learners, to identify the aspects of the IT programme that performed especially well and those that may need improvement, and to evaluate the implementation of IT materials by educators and their impact on learners.

 Our Approach: CC&DW implemented a mixed-method approach using both quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques that incorporated a comprehensive document review, semi-structured focus group discussions, semi-structured interviews, key informant interviews, and an electronic survey.