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Project: Ilifa Labantwana

Client: DG Murray Trust
Duration: November 2012

In recognition of the huge gains to be made by investing in ECD and of the strategic opportunity to contribute substantially to address key gaps in access to ECD programmes, three funders; UBS Optimus Foundation, DG Murray Trust and the Elma Foundation formed a strategic partnership, in 2010, called Ilifa Labantwana (meaning ‘children’s heritage’). Each partner contributed R20 million, towards achieving the following goal; to influence South African policy implementation on integrated ECD interventions in a sustainable manner. The project purpose was that by 2013, underprivileged children aged 3-5 years in marginalised communities in South Africa would enjoy increased access to quality ECD services and support. With the goal and purpose in mind, Ilifa targeted young children with a focus on the poorest 40% of the population.

Project Name: Ilifa Labantwana

Client: DG Murray Trust

Project Duration: November 2012

Sector:  Early Childhood Development

Service provided: Research

Project Deliverables:

–          Conducted a comprehensive desktop review of secondary data, using existing programme reports and outputs in order to assess the extent to which the eight objectives had been achieved.

Our Approach:

CC&DW used secondary data to determine the extent to which the eight Ilifa Labantwana objectives have been realised.


Ilifa Labantwana is a strategic initiative that is focused on strengthening the ECD policy environment as well as informing the effectiveness of ECD programmes of both government and civil society in order to achieve increased access by marginalised South African children to effective ECD programmes.  Phase One of this bold and ambitious initiative has seen substantial progress with regard to producing high quality evidence, from rural communities up to the highest tiers of government, of the challenges, progress and opportunities for ECD in South Africa. Some objectives, in the minority, were not achieved in Phase One, but through a process of strategic thinking and drawing on Ilifas’ wealth of experience in the ECD sector, obstacles to successfully realising programme objectives in Phase Two have been accounted for.