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Project: Identifying CSI Opportunities in Education

Client: Coronation Fund Managers
Duration: Four Months

CC&DW was commissioned by Coronation Fund Managers to identify CSI opportunities in the educator sector.

At the end of the research phase, CC&DW concluded that an investment in early childhood education yields the highest return on investment and will make a sustainable impact on the educational and social outcomes of children benefiting from educational programmes at this stage.

CC&DW further concluded and recommended that the investment should be made at Foundation Phase (Grade 1-4) as the government education system is well established at this level. Early Childhood Education for children between 0-6 could also yield high returns, but would be a risky investment as the education system at this stage is less established.

Project Name:   Identifying CSI Opportunities in Education

Client: Coronation Fund Managers

Project Duration: Four Months

Sector:  Financial Services Client

Service provided: Research to identifying CSI opportunities in Education

Project Outline:

Project Deliverables:

–          Research paper on current trends, policy development and international best practice

–          Report reflecting assessment of potential CSI partner organisations that can provide training for Foundation Phase Mathematics teachers

Our Approach:

CC&DW provided Coronation with relevant research on potential CSI initiatives in the education sector that align with their brand strategy. The research focused on local and international best practices, to identify high impact educational projects.

“It’s over the long-term that we measure results”- Coronation

Our research showed that investment into Early Childhood Education not only represents the best entry point to lay strong foundations for education, an investment into ECD provided Coronation with a strategy that also aligns with their  Corporate philosophy  of patient capital that yields results in the long-term.

The second phase of the research entailed identifying potential NGO partners that provide teacher training in Mathematics and Literacy at Foundation Phase.

CC&DW researched and reviewed a number of reputable service providers that have vast experience in implementing teacher training  at Foundation Phase. Five organisations were reviewed and individually scored on 5 key performance areas, including innovation,  and years of experience.

Value: CC&DW provided Coronation with up-to date research that was specifically tailored for their needs and that aligns with their corporate philosophy. We tapped into our extensive research experience to distill current policy debates, and to ensure that our recommendations would also assist Coronation Fund Managers to align their strategy with current government policy and strategy. This was decided to  ensure that Coronation Fund Managers does not act alone to fill a hole in the sector, but leverages government strategy, therefore reducing the risk of failure  and promoting synergy between government intervention and Corporate Social Investment.