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Project: Family Strengthening Programme Evaluation

Client: Western Cape Department of Social Development
Duration: November 2012 – May 2013

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) called for an evaluation of Family Strengthening programmes provided by NGOs in the province. These organisations have received funding from DSD to provide a range of family strengthening and parenting programmes that promote positive outcomes for children. Programmes include awareness-raising, parenting skills training, fatherhood training and counselling support services.

Creative Consulting & Development Works’ (CC&DW) was contracted to evaluate DSD-funded programmes and identify and describe best practice in the field of Family Strengthening. The main project deliverable was to conduct a comprehensive programme evaluation of existing family strengthening programmes against a set of five evidence-based overarching criteria to ensure that the results were comparable. The criteria adopted were; (1) Needs assessment, (2) Programme design and content, (3) Facilitator training, supervision and delivery, (4) Monitoring and evaluation, and (5) Replicability and scalability.

CC&DW implemented a mixed-method approach combining both quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques that incorporated a comprehensive desktop review, semi-structured focus group discussions, semi-structured interviews and a structured survey questionnaire.

The findings provided the Department of Social Development and the NGOs funded under the Family Strengthening Programme with recommendations about how they could improve the quality of services delivered to beneficiaries who participate in the programmes.