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Project: Exploring Creative Industries

Client: The Department of Economic Development and Tourism
Duration: November 2007- January 2008

Creative industries are increasingly becoming more significant in the global economy. Creative industries are regarded to have potential, and in many cases are already showing that they can stimulate economic growth and employment. 7 % of world gross domestic product (GDP) can be accredited to the creative industries and future annual growth rates are expected to be significant.  The Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism called for the conduction of research into the creative industries as an economic sector. CC&DW was commissioned to carry out research into the international creative industries field-primarily looking at the extent of the industries’ economic impact and the types of policy directions that different countries are pursuing. The research forms part of the Department’s aim of assessing the potential importance of creative industries in the Western Cape economy.

Project Name:   Exploring Creative Industries

Client: The Department of Economic Development and Tourism

Project Duration: November 2007- January 2008

Sector:  Government, Tourism, Economy, Development, Arts, Culture,

Service provided: Research

Project Deliverables:

–          Conducted an examination of creative industry reports, analyses, academic commentaries, policy papers and speeches in order to obtain an adequate overview if general creative industry trends and policies in a select number of countries.


A desktop review of literature and policy was the primary research method used, drawing on country, regional and local studies and reports, papers by academics, reports from multilateral institutions, and government policies and speeches. This was supplemented by email communication with a few leading creative industry experts in South Africa and Internationally. Additionally, information and presentations from the Creative Clusters conference in London (November 2007) gave useful insight.


As this was an explorative study, case studies from various countries, including both the developed and undeveloped parts of the world, were used to enhance the clients understanding of the creative industry and its significance in the economic sector. It was found that in the cases of the UK, Auckland and Singapore growth in the creative industries were greater than the growth of the national or regional economy as a whole. As economies general move towards being fuelled by knowledge-industries, it can be argued that the creative industries are key role players in this transition. However, the accurate measurement of the economic impact of the creative industry is challenging, and this is a factor for the client to consider.