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Project: Evaluation of Service Centres for Older Persons in the Western Cape

Client: Western Cape Department of Social Development
Duration: March 2015 – August 2015

In March 2015, Creative Consulting and Development Works (CC&DW) was appointed by the Western Cape Department of Social Development (WC DSD) to conduct an evaluation of service centres for older persons in the Western Cape. The evaluation, which was completed in August 2015, explored the needs of older persons, the nature of services offered, and the effectiveness, relevance, and accessibility of those services. In addition, best practices and gaps in service delivery were identified, which helped to inform the proposition of alternative, sustainable models of community based care and support that could be considered by the Western Cape Government in the expansion of its services to older persons.

Client: Western Cape Department of Social Development

Project Duration: March 2015 – August 2015

Sector:  Community-based care, older persons

Service provided: Formative evaluation

Project Deliverables:

As part of the project deliverables, CC&DW produced a final evaluation report, which included an extensive literature review contextualizing  population ageing and issues facing older persons in the Western Cape, as well as relevant legislation and policy. The review focused on international and local models of community based care and support to older persons. The report presented evidence of the current status and functioning of service centres; the relevance, accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of the services offered; and the general relevance of their services in relation to the needs of their intended beneficiaries. Importantly, the report included recommendations for alternate models of community based care and support for older persons and for the improvement of the current programme design and implementation.

The report was also presented to WC DSD and key stakeholders in the field.

Our Approach:

In order to meet the client’s needs, CC&DW’s research and evaluation team conducted a formative evaluation. Stemming from the formative and exploratory nature of this evaluation, the evaluation utilised a mixed methods data collection approach drawing on predominantly qualitative but also quantitative data. Initial desktop research included a review of legislation and policy governing the rights of and service delivery to older persons and a literature review of existing research on older persons. 20 services centres were visited across the Western Cape, where fieldworkers conducted


Older persons are widely recognised as a vulnerable and marginalised group, in need of special care and attention. Older persons, who are traditionally cared for by the extended family network, are experiencing deteriorating family support due to the impact of HIV/AIDS, poverty and migration. However, Sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, is experiencing significant ageing of its population, and the expected growth in the number of older persons will place increasing pressure on health and social welfare services for older persons. Thus, this evaluation is an important contribution to the requirement for affordable, accessible and effective services to older persons that meet their needs.