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Project: Evaluation of NACOSA’s 3-Tier Model

Client: Networking AIDS Community of South Africa (NACOSA)
Duration: August – December 2009

The Networking AIDS Community of South Africa (NACOSA) seeks to contribute to reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS and TB through the implementation of a 3-Tier Model, which comprises of the following aspects:

Over the years, NACOSA has refined the Model, based on anecdotal evidence. But an external evaluation was needed to determine the Model’s achievements, strengths and weaknesses. NACOSA contracted Creative Consulting & Development Works for this purpose.

NACOSA is a national civil society network of HIV and AIDS and TB role players, which includes NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and other developmental organisations.

The evaluation sought to answer two questions:

The Creative Consulting & Development Works team conducted interviews with and observations of 24 organisations to assess the level of organisational development and management capacity-building that had been facilitated. Interviews were also conducted with key informants from partners, funders, NGOs and NACOSA itself. These assessed all aspects of the Model, providing another perspective on its effectiveness. And a desk-top review of key documents was done.

Purposive sampling ensured that a broad range of perspectives and experiences were included in the evaluation.  A semi-structured interview guide was used to guide the conversations. In total, 77 interviews were conducted.

At the end of the evaluation Creative Consulting & Development Works submitted a report outlining findings and recommendations to NACOSA, so that they can build on and strengthen their work.