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Project: Evaluation of the Expanded Partnership Programme

Client: Western Cape Government: Department of Community Safety
Duration: April – September 2014

Sector: Community Safety, violence prevention

Service provided: Formative evaluation

Project Outline:

The Western Cape Government’s Provincial Strategic Objective 5 (PSO5)[1]: Increasing Safety emphasizes the importance of effective civilian oversight over the police as a strategy to improve policing in the province which should result in increased safety. Community Policing Forums (CPFs) play a particularly important role in the field of civilian oversight and for that reason, DoCS resolved to develop a support programme for CPFs that would enhance their role and improve their functionality. In 2010, the EPP was born.

In November 2014, Creative Consulting & Development Works was appointed by the Western Cape Government, Department of Community Safety to conduct an implementation evaluation of the Expanded Partnership Programme.

Project Deliverables:

The aim of this evaluation was to assess the extent of implementation of the Expanded Partnership Programme as well as the level of functionality of CPFs spread across the Western Cape during the period April to September 2014.


Our Approach:

The research team employed a formative evaluation methodology. The evaluation followed a mixed-method approach, which combined qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Twenty-one Community Policing Forums (CPFs) were sampled and spread across 25 police clusters. The evaluation conducted 21 individual interviews with CPF Chairpersons, 20 focus group discussions with CPF Executive Committees (EXCO), 15 individual interviews with local community representatives, 19 individual interviews with station commanders (SC) and 9 key informant interviews with provincial officials.


The evaluation findings provided the Department of Community Safety with valuable insight on the perceptions of the EPP Programme by the various stakeholders involved in its implementation. In particular, the evaluation findings highlighted what was and what was not working well. While some of the findings were “not new” according to Department representatives, the evaluation provided the necessary evidence to advocate for programme and budget review, policy alignment, and increased stakeholder involvement.

[1] PSO5 was applicable at the time of the evaluation. Provincial Strategic Goal 3 was only adopted as from April 2015.