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Project: Empowerment Evaluation Workshop

Client: SAMEA
Duration: 21 September 2012

In collaboration with SAMEA, CC&DW facilitated a one day workshop on Empowerment Evaluation. Empowerment Evaluation (EE) is an evaluation approach which was developed in 1993 by Dr David Fetterman. EE is designed to help communities monitor and evaluate their own performance. It can be used in comprehensive community initiative as well as small-scale settings and is designed to help groups accomplish their goals. EE’s three step approach includes: 1) establishing their mission; 2) reviewing their current status; 3) planning for the future.

Project Name:  Empowerment Evaluation Workshop

Client: SAMEA

Project Duration: 21 September, 2012

Sector: Evaluation

Service provided: Workshop

 Workshop Outline

The workshop consisted of four sessions. Session 1 provided an overview to EE, which included theory, concepts, steps and case examples. Session 2 consisted of examining your mission and taking stock. This was achieved through participants specifying their purpose and prioritizing and rating their effort. Session 3 focused on planning for the future, with participants establishing goals and specifying strategies to accomplish goals based on their self-assessment in Session 2. Additionally, participants specified credible evidence to determine if their strategies were working. Session 4 was a question and answer period, where participants were given the opportunity to unpack their practice, share common experiences, and discuss additional tools to facilitate empowerment evaluation.

Value: The workshop was designed to introduce individuals to Empowerment Evaluation and was intended to be a resource for taking the first steps to introducing Empowerment Evaluation into their organisations or communities. Providing communities with tools to monitor and evaluate their own performance only serves to strengthen the organisation as a whole, as well as the services they offer.