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Project: Eden Health Strategy Evaluation

Client: Western Cape Government: Health Eden District
Duration: June 2015 – February 2016

Sector: Public Health, Women’s Health

Service provided: Process evaluation

Project Outline:

In June 2015, the Western Cape Government: Health Eden District contracted CC&DW to conduct an assessment of the Women’s Health Strategy, which had been adopted by the Department in October 2014. The Western Cape Government: Health Eden District Management had identified the development of a Women’s Health Strategy as a key priority, which had been undertaken as a NHI Pilot Project. It is a key priority for the NHI to strengthen District capacity for monitoring and evaluation and to evaluate the implementation of all initiatives undertaken under its banner. It is within this context that the evaluation of the Women’s Health Strategy took place.

Project Deliverables:

The purpose of this evaluation was 1) to assess the implementation of the Women’s Health Services Strategy; and 2) to determine its outcome on select indicators. The evaluation produced the following outputs:

Our Approach:

The evaluation study followed a process evaluation approach aimed at assessing what progress had been made towards intended outputs as well as identifying learnings that would guide the Strategy implementation process going forward.

Information used for the evaluation came from a variety of sources, including, programme documents, monitoring records, performance data on women’s health and most importantly, interviews and surveys with key stakeholders. A total of 813 Golden Hour facility clients, 65 PHC medical and facility-based health workers and 55 community care workers were surveyed. Interviews were held with 14 informants from facility as well as District management.


The evaluation team was able to identify key enablers and barriers to the successful implementation of the Strategy in the District. The evaluation findings served to highlight some of the critical issues that need to be addressed when introducing a strategy, such as maximizing stakeholder buy-in, local adaptation, consistency in the understanding or targets and capturing of evidence, etc. The evaluation also highlighted some of the good practices that are taken place at local level of specific primary health care facilities, which should be strengthened and replicated.