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Project: Eden Health Strategy Development

Client: Western Cape Government: Health Eden District
Duration: June – November, 2014

Sector: Public Health, Women’s Health

Service provided: Strategy development

Project Outline:

In July 2014, the Western Cape Government: Health Eden District contracted Creative Consulting & Development Works (CC&DW) to develop a comprehensive Women’s Health Strategy for the Eden District, which was subsequently approved as a National Health Insurance (NHI) Pilot Project. With this Strategy, the Western Cape Government: Health Eden District Management was hoping to understand how to reach women who are currently not accessing the necessary Women’s Health services as well as to effect client behavioural change and see an improvement in the indicators of health of female clients.

Project Deliverables:

The purpose of the contract was to develop an actionable and comprehensive Woman’s Health Strategy for the Eden District, as well as a detailed 12-month action plan.

Our Approach:

The development of the Women’s Health Strategy for the Eden District was based on an adaptive action planning approach[1] rather than a traditional strategic planning method. Two elements characterised the process:

  1. The strategy relied on the knowledge, skill and expertise of the staff at Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities who work currently in the Eden District municipal health system.
  2. The strategy and action plan attempted to influence one aspect of this system at a time, taking incremental steps to trigger change across all PHC facilities in the district.

Through the review of relevant secondary data, including the findings of a situational analysis previously conducted by the client, as well as a number of key informant interviews, the Strategy was developed.


Building on the District’s existing practices and capabilities, the Strategy provided a set of principles that should guide the provision of services to women clients across the District. It brought consistency in terms of the targets and underlying principles, while encouraging local/sub-district/PHC facility adaptation.

[1]Glenda Eoyang: Comparison Between Traditional Strategic Planning and Adaptive Action Planning–handout_.pdf