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Project: City of Cape Town Donor Directory

Client: City of Cape Town – Economic Development and Tourism
Duration: 2003/4 & 2006/7

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs), public benefit organisations (PBOs) and faith-based organisations (FBOs) support the government with service delivery to the public. One of their biggest challenges, however, is securing funding.

In 2003, and 2006, the City of Cape Town approached Creative Consulting & Development Works to research, compile and publish a donor directory for the Western Cape’s non-profit sector, given our knowledge of the donor environment.

The Donor Directory 2003/4: A funding guide for NGOs and CBOs serves as a valuable tool for organisations seeking information on funding opportunities. It contains comprehensive contact information of donor organisations that fund projects. This City of Cape Town initiative was aimed at enhancing local economic development in the Western Cape. This booklet would ensure that organisations that do not have the necessary capacity can receive information on where and how to source funding to implement development projects.

Donor Directory user Chantal Potgieter says, “It has really helped me with how I structure my proposals to the various potential donor organisations. I found the most useful information about the directory to be lists of what the donors are looking for – and what they aren’t looking for.”

The Donor Directory for Development 2006/7: A resource for the non-profit sector goes further and provides grant- and fund-seekers with information on sources of funding that are linked to youth and economic development. It contains extensively researched fundraising information, including:

Donor Directory 2003/04The Donor Directory also documents research into youth-related initiatives that value and promote youth development. This accurate, accessible and up-to-date publication empowers fund-seekers to sustain their organisations through sourcing funding.

“It has streamlined the process of finding specific funders and has facilitated the means of getting in touch with organisations…The directory has helped me know which funders to approach and given me advice on the best way of approaching them.” (Faldila Smith, Donor Directory user)

“I have really found the sections giving you a step by step breakdown of how to put together a proposal for funding especially helpful, as this is what our organisation must do on a regular basis. As we are a non-profit organisation, we require quite a lot of outside funding and the information contained in the directory is invaluable.” (Natasja van Niekerk, Office Administrator, Diabetes SA, Donor Directory user)

“The Donor Directory is a great piece of work. Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and sheer hard work. Thank you for a job well done!” (Theo Moto, Lily Ministries, Donor Directory user)