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Project: Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation System; Baseline and Needs Assessment for STTOP

Client: Sector Task Team for Older Persons (STTOP)
Duration: May 2016 – November 2016

Sector: Older Persons
Services: Monitoring and Evaluation; Research; Knowledge Management

Creative Consulting and Development Works (CC&DW) was approached by Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH), a founding member of the Sector Task Team for Older Persons (STTOP), to a) develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system and b) conduct a baseline and needs assessment.

The purpose of this project was to enable STTOP to understand, capture and communicate its impact to members, partners and funders. In addition, both projects were undertaken to contribute to the strengthening of STTOP’s organisational capacity.

After conducting background research, desktop reviews, and clarificatory interviews, CC&DW held a theory of change workshop with STTOP management and core membership to understand the network’s intervention logic. CC&DW drew up a logic model containing organisational objectives, intended outcomes, and activities. The development of the M&E system included a clarification of STTOP’s objectives, activities and intended outcomes, the development of a logical framework, indicators, data source suggestions and data collection tools.

A baseline and needs assessment was conducted to determine the needs of STTOP members, to pilot data collection tools and associated indicators developed in the M&E system, and to establish a measurement of STTOP’s performance at baseline. The assessment clarified the ways in which STTOP and its members are currently functioning within the network in order to identify the ways in which STTOP can provide support to members and improve the coordination of activities as a single agent of change. Additionally, information obtained from the assessment informed the development of a knowledge management platform that will serve to guide STTOPs strategy to provide additional services to members.

The baseline and needs assessment was undertaken using hour long face-to-face interviews combining qualitative and quantitative response items with a sample of core and extended STTOP members as well as other key informants and stakeholders.

The project was concluded by providing possible areas of exploration for the leveraging of the network’s strengths as well as recommendations regarding the ways in which STTOP can use and practically implement the findings of the project to strengthen the network, meet members’ needs and realise the overall objectives of the organisation.