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Project: Research & Development of a Communications Strategic Framework for the South African Legislative Sector


The South African Legislative Sector (SALS) has a constitutional mandate to develop and oversee the effective implementation of policies and laws that promote democracy and human rights. In practice, this has meant that increasingly government institutions have focused on strengthening the core functions by developing strong oversight and public participation strategies within the Legislative Sector in line with its constitutional mandate.

Project Name: Research & Development of a Communications Strategic Framework for the South African Legislative Sector

Client: Secretary to Parliament

 Project Duration: March – October 2013

 Sector:  Government, Legislative Sector

Service provided: Research, Communications

The need to communicate clearly is essential in meeting the goals of the SALS. Meaningful communication is about getting information out to the relevant actors in the sector, as well as to the appropriate partners, stakeholders and ultimately public. The development of a strategic communication framework is closely tied to the sector’s efforts for effective business processes for improved achievement of internal as well as external objectives. To assist in these efforts, SALS therefore requested Creative Consulting & Development Works to conduct the research and development of a Communications Strategic Framework.

 Project Deliverables:


Our Approach:  Creative Consulting & Development Works (CC&DW) was contracted to develop a Communications Strategic Framework for the Legislative Sector provincial institutions. The development of the Communications Strategic Framework was divided into five components, including Research, Analysis of Research Report, Consultative Workshops to extract data and close gaps in information, Development and Presentation of Communications Strategy and Final Report.

 Value: The desktop study helped to determine the current state of communications (internal and external) in the South African Legislatures by conducting a comparative analysis of communication related models, policies, systems, processes, plans and/or legislation across the SA Legislative Sector (Parliament and the 9 Provincial Legislatures) and other relevant SA public sector organisations.

The Communications Strategic Framework is applicable to each Provincial Legislature in South Africa, as well as Parliament – inclusive of the National Council of Provinces and the National Assembly, and aims to ensure an improved understanding, practice and reporting on strategic communication across the sector, including mechanisms for sectoral collaboration. Each of these provincial institutions is now able to undertake a comparison of their current processes and practices within Communications to the guidelines within this framework, and then to customise their own institutional communication strategy to ensure alignment.

From the content of this framework and the various research processes part of its development, various areas of action have been highlighted to support and enable the institutions to better align their communications strategies and practices with each other to integrate the sector further. In particular, recommendations for implementation of these various areas of action can be categorised into the following phases: Phase 1 – Adoption, Phase 2 – Alignment, Phase 3 – Capacity Development, and Phase 4 – Monitoring and Evaluation.