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Project: Child Health Now Advocacy Campaign

Client: World Vision South Africa
Duration: January 2012-March 2012

In 2009 World Vision launched its first ever global advocacy campaign: the Child Health Now campaign. Creative Consultancy and Development Works (CC&DW) was commissioned to conduct a baseline study that ideally seeks to establish the high priority issues that the campaign will address.

Project Name:   Child Health Now Advocacy Campaign

Client:  World Vision South Africa

Project Duration: January 2012-March 2012

Sector:  Health, Children, Youth, Poverty, Community Development

Service provided: Research

Project Deliverables:

–          Tracked financial resources that have been made to support maternal, newborn and child health

–          The documentation of the planning process of the national health system

–          The identification of opportunities and gaps on the interface between health facility and community based and led interventions

–          The establishment of existing and potential structures, platforms and networks at national and local levels  that could leverage all efforts made towards ensuring an enhancing Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Women’s Health (MNCWH) in the country

–          Mapped out the context of specific community based interventions and partnerships in the target areas that would help reduce child and maternal health

Our Approach:

CC&DW implemented qualitative research methods, data capturing tools were focus group discussions, key informant interviews with NGOs, CBOs and Department of Health officials.


CC&DW was able to make recommendations to the client. These have been divided into three interrelated sections: Priorities for the national advocacy campaign and priorities for community based interventions. The third section- priorities for advocacy and research, is intended to frame WVs future lobbying and research efforts to improve MNCWH.