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Project: Job Market Research-Analysis to Determine Job Demand

Client: CESVI
Duration: September 2013

Creative Consulting and Development Works were commissioned by CESVI through Inyanda Youth Network, to develop a report in order to document a profile of the sports, arts and culture market in Cape Town.  The Inyanda project aims to ensure that education opportunities provided coincides with the required skills and knowledge in the business sectors.

Project Name:   Job Market Research-Analysis to Determine Job Demand

Client: CESVI

Project Duration: September 2013

Sector:  Job demand, Sport, Arts, Culture, Education, youth development

Service provided: Research

Project Deliverables:

–          A statistical profile including market demographics, organizational landscape and trade statistics was developed.

–          Market analysis of the informal sector (low barriers to entry) and levels of demand were conducted.

–          Job market analysis was conducted, this refers to: entry level opportunities profiling, requirements, remuneration, growing needs, declining sectors.

–          Recommendations were made with regard to transitioning internships, mentoring, volunteer work and other placement opportunities.

–          Analysis of skills and the available courses were made.

Our Approach:

CC&DW implemented a mixed method approach combining both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, such as desktop review, semi-structured interviews and the use of economic data and statistics.


The recommendations made by CC &DW are based on the research undertaken introducing fresh ideas proposed by industry experts, as well as past interventions that have been shown to have an impact. Many of the respondents pointed to the need for changing the entire living environment of youth to effectively improve their ability to enter the world of work, many of these macro challenges are so vast that is it difficult to know where to start (such as ending poverty and transforming the entire education system). The work done by the CESVI and associated organisations have yielded significant results as seen in the improvement in the lives of the youth involved. South Africa has a youthful population, which is growing faster than the rate at which jobs are being created. This means that more and more young people are entering the job market and competing for a smaller number of jobs each year. Economic opportunities are to be made outside of the formal employment sector that can absorb talented youth. Talent-based professions carry considerable prestige, but are highly competitive and do not often offer financial remuneration to match the amount of work which goes into it and the opportunities it provides. The value chains they touch on are arguably less individually competitive and offer opportunities for sustained contact with the sector. CC&DW finds through this research that many job opportunities in the support sector to arts, sports, and culture are needed, and these mainstream courses in business and commerce should be encouraged and pursued.