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Project: Case Study Report and Video on Impact of TAU Support

Client: Technical Assistance Unit, National Treasury
Duration: February 2009-May 2009

A case study report is a creative way of collecting, analysing and presenting data, and so is an audio-visual video clip. Both can look at a particular subject area in depth and help the reader or viewer to understand it better.

That is why the Technical Assistance Unit (TAU), a chief directorate in the Public Finance Division of the National Treasury, contracted Creative Consulting & Development Works in February 2009 to produce a case study report and video material on the impact of TAU support to client departments.

TAU provides technical assistance and management support to government departments and institutions, with the aim of improving the quality of spend and service delivery. The case study report and video material introduces TAU and reflects on good news stories and testimonies from clients regarding TAU’s involvement in their projects and programmes.

Creative Consulting & Development Works conducted research, held interviews and collected data in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal to gain a full understanding of TAU’s work. Interviews were especially important to give a human “face” to the organisation. Footage was taken of key role players, and the products of successful programmes.

Data was interpreted, analysed, and edited for use in both the case study report and DVDs. Creative Consulting & Development Works’ experience in communications ensured that powerful, positive, empowering messages were created.

An extensive case study report on TAU interventions was produced and some of these interventions, with visual appeal, were chosen for the video material.  In total, 9 DVDs were created: